About us

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Dear visitors, clients and partners,
it will be a pleasure if You would like to spend the part of your time to introducing yourself with all business activities of agency “KEMMIK CAD CENTAR“. You will see current offers, you will meet all packages of services, our success and achievements in the last ten years.

CAD agency “KEMMIK CAD CENTAR” has, for that time, realized very successfully collaboration with numerous constructions and architectonics agencies, enterprises and firms. Since 1994 we started our collaboration with all those who needed to draw something using the computer drawing tools. Today, everybody who work on the realization of construction projects , are ours the most demanding and grateful clients. They have valued accordingly reliability of investment in our services and for very short time, they have had high quality projects, which has produced more successful businesses and due this the higher profit. The fact is: just there where work goes before the words, success and achievement can exist – so we invite you to contact us and we will give you approval of quality of services of Agency “KEMMIK CAD CENTAR“.

We hope that each of us will find interest in future collaboration.

Best regards.


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